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Introduction to SPHERA

What is Sphera?
Sphera is a place for founders to integrate solutions that ensure security for their projects and users. We provide the necessary tools to launch, secure and scale your cryptocurrency project, including both tokens and NFTs. Our services include: Liquidity Locks | Team Token Locks | Token Vesting | Token Generation | Staking Pools

Why Sphera Exists

The Sphera team is dedicated to ensure that every project should be traded safely, without the risk of losing hard earned funds to bad actors in the DeFi space.
Has this ever happened to you? It shouldn't.
Traditional methods of launching a successful token and creating trust can be complex and expensive. Without Sphera, a project that wants to launch a token will usually have to go through the following steps:
  • Hire a developer to create their token (Can cost several $1,000s to create a custom smart contract)
  • Hire an audit firm to security check the smart contract (Often weeks of waiting, and can normally cost between $5,000-$50,000, depending on the complexity)
  • Use a multi-sender tool to send money out to investors ($100+ per batch in gas fees on Ethereum)
  • Marketing to prove trust and legitimacy ($10,000-$100,000+)
Because of the time and costs, most teams are not able to follow the above steps. They cut corners. This makes them vulnerable to bugs in forked contracts and rogue team members.
This is a big reason why we see so many scams and hacks in DeFi today. Tokens are way too hard to set up and build trust around. We want to help projects grow faster and create the projects of tomorrow. For this, they need infrastructure that is affordable, easy to use, and flexible.

Sphera aims to make DeFi a safer space through our locking services.

Sphera is a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their team tokens, Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault and more.
Sphera offers an all-in-one platform for your token needs. With our upcoming Token Creator tools, you can easily generate and deploy your custom and secure token without any coding experience needed. Our Locking tools feature allows you to lock your Team Tokens or LP tokens. In addition, our Vesting tools enables you to set a vesting schedule for your tokens, a perfect solutions for companies with employees on payrolls. Whether you're a new project just starting out or an established one looking to improve your token distribution and incentivization strategies, Sphera has all the tools and services you need, on any blockchain.

Learn More About Sphera

We have made it easier for you to learn more about Sphera. Learn more about it in its own dedicated documentation here.