Wolves of Aptos

Minting Soon.
The Wolves of Aptos NFT collection is designed to enhance the user experience on BAPTSWAP by combining unique artwork with a range of utilities that offer exclusive benefits on the DEX.
As a holder of a Wolf NFT, you'll have access to a range of benefits that include boosted APR in staking pools and daily rewards in BAPT for a passive income. Additionally, you'll receive early access to key features, airdrops from launches on the DEX, and airdrops from revenue made on the DEX.
Wolf holders will also have access to whitelist spots in partnered collections, the ability to vote in proposals, and the opportunity to have their Wolf as a profile picture in the planned profile system, which includes an XP ranked leaderboard system. Finally, there are special events exclusive to NFT holders, providing even more ways to get involved with the BAPT community.

Tiered System

In total, there are only 2222 Wolves minted on the Aptos Blockchain. Once sold out, they will never be available to be minted again. However, you may find them on secondary markets.
The Wolves of Aptos NFT Collection offers four tiers of wolves:
  • Bronze
    • Amount of Wolves: 1700
    • Price: 12.5 APT
  • Silver
    • Amount of Wolves: 400
    • Price: 25 APT
  • Gold
    • Amount of Wolves: 100
    • Price: 50 APT
  • Platinum
    • Amount of Wolves: 22
    • Price: 125 APT
    • Custom Made 1/1 Artwork
Each tier represents a base level of benefits, with higher tiers providing even greater rewards. Platinum wolves are the rarest and offer the highest level of benefits. See featured benefits below.


All of the utilities and technology built by BAPT Labs, both the NFT and token holders have central roles, where everything built is centered around them. All utilities involve them in different ways, major or minor.

Immediate Benefits


When minting a NFT, the minting wallet will automatically upon mint receive a 30% cashback in the $BAPT token. This means that in reality, you'd only spend 70%!

Boosted APRs

The NFTs will be stakable on the DEX, where this will yield a fixed APR in $BAPT!
The APR may be boosted or reduced with intervals, depending on the adoption the NFT collection.

A Share of BAPTSWAP's Revenue!

After the DEX reaches a sustainable volume, a fixed percentage (announced soon) of the funds generated on BAPTSWAP will be allocated towards NFT stakers! Examples of this are:
  • Buybacks of $BAPT are distributed to NFT stakers
  • Claimable rewards

NFT Events

There will be several events that only are made for NFT holders. This includes partnered giveaways, competitions, and other events that makes holding a Wolf even more special!

Planned Benefits

Secondary Market Royalties

A majority of the funds generated from royalties on marketplaces will go towards all NFT stakers.

Early Access to Utilities

All future utilities are made with the NFT holders in mind. Therefore by holding a Wolf, you will grant access to these earlier than anyone else!

Your Wolf as PFP

On the upcoming profile system, including RPG inspired quests to earn XP for more rewards, live leaderboards and referral integrations, you will be able to set your Wolf as your PFP to your profile on BAPTSWAP! The Wolves of Aptos collection is one of few collections that will be featured on the DEX.

DAO Voting

NFT holders will be able to participate in unique events deciding the future of BAPT by being able to use your Wolf to raise your voice through voting.

More Information

For more details, please visit our communities.