Wolves of Aptos

Minting Soon.
The Wolves of Aptos NFT collection is designed to enhance the user experience on BAPTSWAP by combining unique artwork with a range of utilities that offer exclusive benefits on the DEX.

Tiered System

In total, there are only 2222 Wolves minted on the Aptos Blockchain. Once sold out, they will never be available to be minted again. However, you may find them on secondary markets.
The Wolves of Aptos NFT Collection offers four tiers of wolves:
  • Bronze
    • Amount of Wolves: 1700
  • Silver
    • Amount of Wolves: 400
  • Gold
    • Amount of Wolves: 100
  • Platinum
    • Amount of Wolves: 22
    • Custom Made 1/1 Artwork
Each tier represents a base level of benefits, with higher tiers providing even greater rewards. Platinum wolves are the rarest and offer the highest level of benefits. See featured benefits below.


All of the utilities and technology built by BAPT Labs, both the NFT and token holders have central roles, where features built in the BAPT ecosystem is centered around them. The utilities involve them in different ways, major or minor.

More Information

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