The Key Collection

Everything you need to know about the Key Collection.
The Key Collection is a limited collection, exclusive for holders of BAPT before the migration to the Aptos chain. They are custom made, and designed from scratch by a multi international award winning graphic designer, that have spent countless hours in perfecting the artwork!
Holders of the Key Collection unlock early access to the benefits that the official collection on Aptos, the Wolves of Aptos Collection, will offer.
There are in total 525 Keys made on the Binance Smart Chain. Once sold out, the keys will never be available to be minted again. All unsold Keys will be burnt before the migration to Aptos. The Keys are made in four different tiers, where each tier represents a base level of benefits. The higher tier, the higher benefits they will offer. The tiers are as following
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The Platinum Key

  • Supply: 5

The Gold Key (SOLD OUT)

  • Supply: 20

The Silver Key

  • Supply: 100

The Bronze Key

  • Supply: 400

Migrating Your Key to Aptos

Once the Wolves of Aptos Collection is live on the Aptos chain, Key holders will be able to convert their Keys to Wolves for free!
The benefits the Keys offer will keep being applied on Aptos after the launch of the Wolf of Aptos Collection!
More details coming soon.