The Brews

BAPT is all about community. One of the accomplishments, having over 70% of all $BAPT tokens staked, deserves to be rewarded.
As a token of appreciation for our loyal $BAPT holders, we are releasing BAPT's first ever Aptos NFT collection.
It will be a free mint for everyone! However, there will be a limited supply, which may lead to some benefits for the Wolves of Aptos NFT Collection.
But what are they? And how does one acquire them?

The Beginning...


Many, many years ago, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived an ancient sorcerer in the Forests of BAPT.
Legend has it that in his laboratory, the BAPT Labs, he created previously unknown potions using ancestral formulas protected by runes and wolves.
Legend has it that whoever drinks one of them will be worthy of being guarded until the domains of the Wolves of Aptos....
...where he will finally be able to discover the face of the most beautiful of the wolves.

The Unveiling...

⚗️✨ BAPT LABS presents: The Brews ✨⚗️

Prepare to be mesmerized by The Brews collection, an extraordinary assortment of 1111 potions. These enchanting elixirs hold the key to unraveling the secrets of our forthcoming NFT collection, Wolves of Aptos, and beyond!

🔹 Collection Details 🔹

Within this ethereal collection, you will find 1111 captivating Brews. The maximum number of mints per wallet is set at 4, ensuring a fair and balanced distribution.
✨ Brace yourself for an enchanting and unparalleled journey! The Brews NFT collection eagerly awaits your arrival. Let the magic unfold as the enchantment begins! ✨