Sorcerer's Mystery

Where magic and wonder intertwine
In the realm of forgotten legends, whispered tales speak of the 5 mystical potions, The Brews. It is said that these mystical potions were born from The Cauldrons, the sacred vessels that held the essence of ancient enchantments.
As the ethereal tale goes, these potions possessed an extraordinary power, one that unveiled the enigmatic secrets of the Wolves of Aptos when consumed as intended.
But what precisely was this power? What hidden story, woven with threads as old as the fabric of time, lies behind it?
Come, venture into the enchanted pages as they unfold...


In the most remote confines of the Forest of BAPT lies the Sorcerer's Mystery, which is what all the inhabitants of the kingdom call the secret and lost home of the most legendary Sorcerer in history. A place that hardly anyone has seen, where fireflies cohabit with fairies, where birds fly free, and where magic is possible. It is there, in his old laboratory called BAPT LABS, where the sorcerer, using large capacity cauldrons and the ancestral knowledge of runes, prepares every year the most coveted and limited potions of the kingdom thanks to the help of Wolves, Fairies, Mermaids, Orcs and Witches. A place as hidden as it is little known and that very few have seen, much less stepped on.
They say that only the worthy are able to pass the test of successfully drinking the 5 magic potions without perishing in the attempt, and that only these are worthy enough to even approach the confines of this mythical property.
Sorcerer's Mystery is that magical and mysterious place where everyone wants to find refuge and where, they say, true happiness dwells.

Presenting the magnificent revelation from BAPT Labs - the SORCERER'S MYSTERY!

To acquire this extraordinary NFT, one must offer all the 5 Potions as a sacrificial offering, along with a portion of the BAPT tokens as an additional sacrifice.
But what lies concealed within this enigma?
🐺✨ By obtaining the Sorcerer's Mystery, one is bestowed with the wondrous opportunity of receiving a FREE mint of the illustrious Bronze Wolf NFT 🐺✨
Its maximum supply stands at a mere 222, making it an exceedingly rare treasure!
Witness now as the veil of mystery is lifted, inviting you to embark upon this magical journey alongside us...