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How to Bridge Your BAPT With Trust Wallet

This page shows you how to bridge your BAPT tokens from BSC to Aptos.
Note that Trust Wallet has been reported to cause issues in the process to bridge the BAPT tokens over to Aptos. We recommend using either the.Petra Wallet or the Pontem Wallet for this process.
Guides and official links for how to set up those wallets, you can find in the link below:

Bridge using Trust Wallet

Select "Register BAPT Here"
Connect using Aptos network
Select "Register BAPT"
Scroll down and copy your Aptos wallet address which is different from your other network addresses on Trust Wallet. (You will need this in the coming steps) Then select "Visit BSC Bridge"
Scroll down on the next screen and press "Connect". Make sure you sign in with the BSC network.
Make sure to paste your Aptos address that you copied previously into the Destination Address field. Then press "Max" to populate your BAPT into the top field. Press "Approve" and then press "Bridge". (The cost of both these steps will require about .08 BNB total in gas)
If you did all steps correctly the balance of BAPT that was in your Trust Wallet will be gone and you will receive Aptos chain $BAPT in your destination wallet soon. Arrival time may vary from minutes to hours.