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Community Manager

General Information

  • Salary Range: Driven by passion in the early stages, but once established we will offer a competetive and negotiable salary.
  • Position: Part-time for now but later on full-time.
  • Location: Remote
  • Time-zone preference: Any

Your Responsibilities

"Community Manager" is generally the bridge between the project and the users.
  • Maintain and grow the community.
    • Build a great relationship with existing users, engage with potential users, create content, and make the users fun and fans!
  • Guide the project to grow along with the community.
    • Deliver the feedback from the community to the core team.
    • Explain the project updates to the users in an obvious way.
  • Monitor the community from quantitative perspectives.
    • Focus on gauging sentiment around the project, using social listening tools to monitor feedback and engagement.
  • Keep up to date with industry trends.
  • Collaborate closely with our extensive team and the community admins to nurture — BAPT's amazing global community.


  • Native language speaker. You may attend voice AMA for users in your native language.
  • Great proficiency in written English. Proficiency in other languages very welcome too.
  • A Relevant Degree in: Communications; Media Marketing; Video or Graphic Design
  • Be crypto native. Know your way around DeFi and NFTs.
  • Already a user the BAPT Ecosystem. Experience with our products is a must.
  • Ideally, have an existing track record of contributions to the BAPT ecosystem (made a video, wrote an article, helped the people in the community etc.).
  • Excellent communication skill is a must.
  • Always keen on learning new tools/trends. Crypto space runs super fast, and you have to hop quickly.
How to apply
Shoot a message to @CaptainSend on Telegram with your resume and relevant documents! Please also tell us your Twitter username!