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Blockchain QA Engineer

General Information

  • Salary range: Driven by passion in the early stages, but once established we will offer a competetive and negotiable salary.
  • Position: Part-time for now but later on full-time.
  • Location: Remote
  • Time-zone preference: Any


  • Thorough understanding of how BAPT LABS works.
  • Being able to analyze Move and Solidity code, find bugs and edge cases.
  • Experience in writing automated tests for dApp frontends.
  • Ability to create testing setup from zero.
  • Be able to work autonomously.
  • The candidate should be independent enough to make important technical decisions on their own.
  • The candidate should be driven and innovative, planning the best ways to get full test coverage of the product.


  • Setup the tools needed to enable end to end testing (JS framework, local blockchain).
  • Analyse our codebases and propose a test plan for each.
  • Write appropriate end to end tests in order to protect the product from regressions bugs.
  • Monitor newly released features and continually add tests for these.
  • Consistently plan to upgrade and improve our testing infrastructure.

How to apply:

Shoot a message to @CaptainSend on Telegram with your resume and relevant documents!