Introduction to BAPTSWAP

BAPTSWAP helps you make the most out of your crypto in three ways:
Trade, Earn, and Win.


BAPTSWAP is the decentralized exchange, powered by BAPT LABS.
BAPTSWAP on Aptos serves the purpose of facilitating tokenmechanics for projects by creating a means of routing transactions through the router. This is necessary because the Move language does not allow tokenmechanics within the contract itself, which can be a significant setback for smaller projects with limited funding. BAPTSWAP provides a solution by gathering taxation for Aptos chain tokens outside the constraints that contracts would otherwise impose.
Aptos and other Move language coins like Solana currently have no tokenmechanics. This makes BAPTSWAP more than just another DEX, as it offers a unique solution to add tokenmechanics to Aptos and potentially Solana, making it the first of its kind.
Currently, there are very few tokens on the Aptos chain due to limitations. It is not beneficial to launch tokens without fees generated from trading volume. BAPTSWAP solves this problem by providing the first and only place on the chain to both launch and trade tokens with fees. Essentially, BAPTSWAP is starting the DeFi era on a chain that is expected to become one of the best developer blockchains in the crypto space.

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