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BAPTSWAP Deployment

BAPTSWAP allows developers to launch fee-on-transfer supported tokens. Learn how here.
Our goal is to allow everyone to easily deploy and launch tokens through BAPTSWAP's upcoming token launchpad. However, until we have released all utilities needed to run a safe and secure environment for users, project teams will in the meantime have to apply to launch or migrate LP to the DEX. This is to ensure that all early adopters act with good intentions, and to minimize the risk of scam projects launching on BAPTSWAP.
Below you will find all you need to know about the process of listing your token on BAPTSWAP.
If your token is already live on Aptos, and you want to migrate LP to BAPTSWAP, you can skip the first step and follow this guide from here.

Deploy Your Token

To have your token tradable with fee-on-swap support on Aptos, BAPTSWAP is the only place where this is possible.
The first step to take is to have the token deployed on Aptos mainnet. This can be done by the team behind the listing token, or by the BAPT team for a fee.
If you deploy the token yourself, here is the required info needed to be sent to us:
  • Full name of the token
  • Token symbol
  • Logo in PNG format
Below, you see the required information needed for us to deploy for you:
  • Full name of the token
  • Token symbol
  • Logo in PNG format
  • Total supply
  • Wallet address for ownership of token
  • Launch date
  • 40 APT
For information on how to deploy on Aptos, click here.


The next step is to have the token visible on BAPTSWAP. As of now, this will need to be coordinated with the BAPT team to update the UI of the DEX to support your token on the token list. This includes being listed on the SWAP UI for trading and connect to the Chart Viewer, creation of the token's own staking pool, as well as being listed to support adding Liquidity to the token.
This is a necessary step for any approach, so it's of course free of charge.


Note: The wallet address of the first liquidity provider for a new token is automatically set as the owner of the pair. This wallet will be able to change the taxes of the token, as well as choosing the allocation between the tax destinations.
To become tradable on the DEX, the token listed will need to have LP added to the token through BAPTSWAP's router. This is done through the Liquidity page on BAPTSWAP.
Now your token is live for trading on BAPTSWAP, and both you and your holders can enjoy being one of the first tokens with fee-on-swap support on Aptos!
Tokens with LP on multiple exchanges will only have tax supported on BAPTSWAP, meaning that the tokens will still be zero fee tokens on the other DEXes.
By doing this, it can lead to holders buying the token tax free somewhere else, reducing the impact of collecting fees on BAPTSWAP.

Wanna List Your Token?

Want to be launch or migrate to BAPTSWAP? Reach out here 👉
Apply on Twitter or Telegram.