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BAPT Tokenomics

The BAPT token is the native token of BAPTSWAP, capturing the value generated in the ecosystem. The current tokenomics of BAPT are as following:


  • 1,000,000,000 (Fixed supply).

Team Treasury

  • 1,900,000 BAPT
  • As of March 3rd 2023, an additional 44,980,890.63 BAPT has temporarily been added to the treasury after a proposal to "rescue" the tokens from the Dead Wallet on BSC. These tokens have been staked temporarily until the LP Farms are live.
The rescued tokens will be used to ensure higher APR for key stakers, and offer higher rewards in the LP Farms to incentivize higher APR for LP providers on selected pairs, community events/giveaways etc.
None of the tokens will be used for team purposes, all going back into the ecosystem and community.

NFT Staking Pool

  • A total of 42,000,000 BAPT has been added to the NFT staking pool to reward NFT holders of the Key Collection.

Token Mechanics

Fees On Transfers (Taxes):

  • The taxes of the BAPT token are 8% for buying, and 8% for selling.
  • Taxes are planned to be reduced in the future.

Fee Allocation For Buys:

  • 1% goes to the team treasury.
  • 3% goes to support the liquidity pool of the token, making it stronger and reduce the price impact for trading.
  • 4% goes to reward stakers of the token, into the staking pool.
  • The same allocation goes for sells of BAPT.
A graphical map will be released, showing where BAPT is allocated on the DEX.